Create an engaging, easy-to-maintain virtual front door for your parish.
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Give your parishioners a convenient, easy way to support your mission anywhere, any time.
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Create a vibrant community where parishioners are a part of your mission.
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Learn how OSV can help you make the most impact with your offertory and stewardship.
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Our Mission: To Serve the Church

OSV Offertory Solutions provides products and services that enhance offertory and improve parish communications for the purpose of building vibrant communities with engaged parishioners. We help parishes and dioceses to implement services that support their work to engage and guide their communities. Keep parishioners informed about the parish; make it easy for them to participate using talents and finances; stay in touch and provide comfort and formation. Guide parishioners in their stewardship and the journey to discipleship. Contact OSV Offertory Solutions to learn more.