Total Address Quality (TAQ)

Our Sunday Visitor address management and mailing services can help you optimize your name and address lists for United States postal regulations. We work closely with the United States Postal Service (USPS®) to anticipate changes and to implement procedures to meet regulations.

Total Address Quality (TAQ) is a multi-step process that includes several tools to scan, cleanse and modify address information into a format acceptable by the U.S. Postal Service.


 TAQ is a standard offering for our customers who use OSV mail services!

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 USPS Procedures

As OSV implements the TAQ solution we need your help complying with US Postal Service mandated procedures. There are three items that need your immediate attention:

  1. Complete NCOA form and provide to OSV
  2. Provide Non-Profit Authorization form to OSV
  3. Confirm return service information with OSV

Please refer to the "Important TAQ Information Letter for Customers" link we've provided below for more information how to complete this process. We can’t begin the process until we receive your responses. If you have any questions or need more information call 800-348-2886 or email us at

Important TAQ Information Letter for customers (.pdf)
NCOA™ Process Acknowledgement Form (.pdf)
NCOA™ PAF Instructions (.pdf)
NCOALink™ Required Text Document (.pdf) Version 31: 04/4/12

 Standard File Formats

Several software companies have updated their list export format to comply with our file format standards. We would like to make sure this update is functioning correctly for each parish. Prior to emailing your parishioner list to Our Sunday Visitor for offering envelope mailings, please check your file for:

• Correct parishioner count
• Accuracy in instances where multiple last names are listed under a single envelope number

Taking these precautionary measures will assure accurate printing and delivery. Please contact customer service at 800-348-2886 with any questions.

Preferred Formats

We request that you use one of the following formats for exporting. Click for example:

Instructions on how to transmit your file:
E-mail instructions
Uploading file through website


Parish Data System (PDS)

Please use the instructions below that are closest to your version of PDS (if your version number is under 6.0, please use the 4.0 instructions). If your export does not match the example exactly, you may need to use the Custom Export Process directions below to create a compliant file.

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