Product Overview

Communicating your parish story

Choose from a wide variety of envelope services and designs to meet the unique needs of your parish. Keep your envelope program relevant and valuable by talking to our consultants and your customer service representatives. 

Total Address Quality

To help parishes save time and money while working to meet their goals, OSV applies cutting-edge technology to its products and solutions. Learn more.

Periodic Mailing Program

Mailing offering envelopes on a regular basis is a proven way to increase the number of parishioners who contribute, as  well as the total amount of contributions collected. It is also an effective way to evangelize and educate. Learn more.

Weekly Offering Envelopes

Weekly envelopes for adults and children are available in a variety of beautiful series and as custom designs. Learn more about the exclusive benefits of being an OSV envelope customer.

 Adult offering envelopes
Children & Teen offering envelopes  

Holy Day and Special Collection envelopes

Provide parishioners with the opportunity to give to specific collections by adding Holy Day Collection Envelopes and other Special Collection envelopes to your envelope sets.

Inserted materials

Enhance your envelope program by adding letters, mailback envelopes, Record of Contribution Cards, Online Giving reminders, educational pieces and more. Learn more.

Boxed & Bulk Pew Envelopes

Standard bulk offertory envelopes are ideal to keep in pews or in the back of the church for visitors or parishioners who forget their envelopes. Choose from numerous in-stock designs to suit the personality of your parish, school or organization. Or, if you prefer the convenience of annual envelopes, choose from a variety of designs or custom envelopes - one box with 52 weekly envelopes can be shipped to the parish or addressed to parishioners. Learn more.

Celebrating Parish Success

As an offering envelopes customer of OSV Offertory Solutions, we offer custom designing to evangelize, engage and educate to draw a closer connection between your parish and parishioners. Just listen to Fr. Walmesly's reaction from Our Lady of Guadalupe in Seattle, WA.