Additional OSV Products

Winning strategies for successful churches start with OSV

Choose from a variety of supplemental products designed to enhance offertory, improve communication and foster vibrant church community.

Boxed Sets

Choose the convenience of boxed sets, mailed to the church for pick-up or have them sent directly to parishioner's homes.

Choose from numerous designs, including:

 Adult offering envelopes
Living Catholic series  
Traditional Stewardship series

Los Santos del Mundo series

Custom envelopes

Children & Teen offering envelopes  

Learn how to maximize your envelope design.

State of the Parish Report
Increase engagement and giving

Use OSV's print and mail services to create a communications piece that shares stewardship news and celebrates your parish's success. Inform parishioners about ministry activities, financial status and more. Church who use the State of the Parish Report have found that it is a proven way to increase giving and parishioners engagement.

“The template for the State of the Parish Report is simple to use, affordable and easy to administer.  The report has the potential to create a sense of pride and accomplishment in the parish.”
Susan Erschen
Director of Stewardship Education – Archdiocese of St. Louis, MO

Learn how you can use the State of the Parish Report to improve communication.

Learn more in the product overview.

Special Mailings
Bolster communication and community

Nothing builds strong relationships within the parish like consistent, ongoing communication. Don't have time to coordinate it? We can help. Let OSV be your one-stop shop for printing, folding, sorting and distributing special and seasonal mailings.

“During Christmas, we send a special mailing to all parishioners, including active and non-contributing parishioners.  This option has generated extra contributions for our parish during the holiday season, has saved us expenses and has given us the flexibility to make cost-effective decisions for our parish.”   
Lynda Batten
St. George Parish Community – Glenolden, PA

Learn more about Special Mailings and view our current seasonal products.

Did you know...

In a survey of more than 200 parishes, 93% experienced a noticeable increase in offertory, communication and involvement when sending a special mailing.

Record of Contribution Cards
Increase participation, involvement and offertory

Keep parishioners on track with pledged giving with Record of Contribution Cards. Sent regularly, research shows that churches using reminders like Record of Contribution Cards (ROCC) generally see a significant increase in participation, time spent in outreach activities and a 38 percent increase in offertory.

Loaves + Fishes Stewardship webinar series

Keep your staff up-to-date with educational stewardship webinars.
Learn more about Loaves + Fishes.