State of the Parish Report

Celebrate your parish accomplishments.

State of the Parish Report is a stewardship report combined with a print and mail service that makes it easy to inform your entire parish community about ministry activities and financial status.  Research shows that regular status reporting and financial transparency result in more actively involved parishioners who -invest- in the mission of the parish. 

Use the State of the Parish Report as:
  • A key component of your parish stewardship process
  • A regularly scheduled update on the accomplishment of your parish
  • A tool to call parishioners to invest in the parish
  • A follow up report for your campaigns or project results
  • A full annual report on the strategy and vision of your parish
  • A focused report on your parish's specific ministries or financial reporting


  • Full color printing
  • Coated stock paper (80#)
  • Template form with sections for parish information and photographs
  • Four page (duplexed) report with customized sections
  • Mailed to parishioner households or in bulk to parish.

Learn more about the State of the Parish Report in the product overview

Celebrating Parish Success

Archdiocese of St. Louis, Missouri

"This template for the annual stewardship report is simple to use, affordable and easy to administer ... the report has the potential to create a sense of pride and accomplishment in the parish."
Susan Erschen
Director of Stewardship Education