Annual Offertory Plan

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About the Annual Offertory Plan
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What is the Annual Plan?

The Annual Plan for Offertory and Communications provides you a process and  tools to engage parishioners deeply in the parish .  It employs a cycle of ongoing celebration of parish mission and accomplishments, combined with the tools to communicate with parishioners.

We'll work together to help you make the most of the tools you already use. The OSV Annual Plan for Offertory and Communications is based on research from Dr. Chuck Zech (Center for Church Management and Business Ethics at Villanova University), Al Winseman (Gallup) and Dr. Brian Starks and Christian Smith (Institute for Church Life at the University of Notre Dame).


What to expect

Parishes that use the Annual Plan for Offertory and Communications can expect to achieve:
Sustained increases in offertory
    Revitalized parishioner engagement through communications and
       financial accountability
    Increased volunteer participation
    Continued support from Our Sunday Visitor customer service

Elements of success

Once an initial assessment has been made at your parish, components of the Annual Plan for Offertory and Communications may include workshops or seminars on the following topics:

Parish focus: establishing a parish story

High impact envelopes: using best practices for design and mailing services

Website design and structure: creating content and imagery that supports the parish focus

Online Giving: implementing Online Giving to make it easy for parishioners to give

Increased Offertory Program: developing a parish mission with detailed focus on plans to accomplish goals

State of the Parish Report: showcasing what the parish has accomplished during the year

Celebrating Parish Success

Assumption Parish
Seattle, Washington

“The reaction to the envelopes has been great. I have been using the theme of 'We are called...' and incorporate it in the bulletin and I will start to migrate that to the web page." 

Carol Durbin
Parish Administrator